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For more than 15 years, we've made a science of finding and using the best technologies to meet our clients online and desktop application objectives. Whether its a small application to service parts of your business process or a full application that runs all aspects of your business, Henry's Software has the seasoned team and methodology to create and maintain your custom website and desktop application needs.

Programming Languages:
C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Java/Android, Structured Text, Function Block, and Ladder Logic.

Programming IDE/Frameworks:
.Net Framework, .Net Core, Android Studio, and Isagraf.

SCADA/Automation system for a 250 mile canal system, Equipment service program, Windows user backup program, www.pvid.org, www.henrys-software.com, and More

HS Password Inventory


HS Password Inventory stores all your user names and password in a encryption/password protected database to keep them safe from prying eyes.

You should never use the same password for all of your accounts if one web service gets hacked then all of your accounts could be at risk. HS Password Inventory allows you to have a different user name and password for each account, then you only need to remember the password to HSPI in order to remember them all.

You can open saved URL's, copy your user name to the clipboard, and copy your password to the clipboard, this makes it easy to login to you favorite website. HS Password Inventory uses your windows user account as the default user to make logging in simple. HS Password Inventory also includes a secure journal to store your private documents and personal thoughts.

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HS Backup


HS Backup Creates a backup of the user profile for the currently logged in user in a destination of your choice, allowing you to keep profile data safe

Every user that logs in to a computer has a custom user profile created in the "Users" folder. From the desktop's appearance to the installed applications, Windows can store different settings for all the user profiles, allowing everyone using the same PC to build a personalized working environment.

Migrating to another computer requires you not just to install Windows, but also take the time to customize the workspace once more. And it is well known that it takes a considerable amount of time to do so. Creating a backup of the user profile and moving it to the new workstation allows you to avoid such a tedious task.

Although the operating system comes with options that enable you to perform profile backup without using a third-party application, it's good that there are alternatives out there. HS Backup is one of them.

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HS Equipment Service


HS Equipment Service is an easy-to-use maintenance management solutions providing reliable scheduling, tracking, and reporting tools for your equipment services needs.

You can print daily reports for past due services, mileage, fuel, and more. Also, the home screen shows all equipment or past due services this gives you a quick overview of your equipment status.

Reports are a big part of any program in HS Equipment Service we use sum of the best out there. you can export and email in multiple formats (csv, pdf, excel, and more), add watermarks, print, print setup, zoom, search, and save.

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