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Welcome to Henry's Software

I've been building desktop and website application for more than 20 years now. I created Henry’s Software to share some of the projects I've created over the years. Please fill free to download any of my application and give them a try, also if you are a developer check out my VS Controls page and HS Codebank.

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HS Modbus Test
Screenshot of HS Modbus Test

Modbus Test is a modbus master tool I built to test connections to RTU's using modbus over a com port or TCP/IP. You can connect to slave devices using either the RTU or ASCII Protocols.

1. Read/Write Coils
2. Read Discrete Inputs
2. Read/Write Multiple Registers
3. Com RTU Protocol
4. Com ASCII Protocol
5. MODBUS/TCP Protocol

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HS File Search
Screenshot of HS File Search

HS File Search is a lightweight utility designed to improve the search function by index any folder, drive, or network drive to make it searchable based on different criteria.

Once you create one index it is saved to your user profile, you can now select a new folder or drive to index then when you want switch back to the first one you don't need to re-index the first folder.

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HS Backup
Screenshot of HS Backup

HS Backup Creates a backup of the user profile for the currently logged-in user in a destination of your choice, allowing you to keep profile data safe

Every user that logs in to a computer has a custom user profile created in the "Users" folder. From the desktop's appearance to the installed applications, Windows can store different settings for all the user profiles, allowing everyone using the same PC to build a personalized working environment.

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HS Equipment Service

HS Equipment Service is an easy-to-use maintenance management solutions providing reliable scheduling, tracking, and reporting tools for your equipment services needs.

You can print daily reports for upcoming and past due services, mileage, fuel, and more. Also, the home screen shows all equipment or past due services, this gives you a quick overview of your equipment status.

Reports are a big part of any program in HS Equipment Service we use sum of the best out there. you can export and email in multiple formats (csv, pdf, excel, and more), add watermarks, print, print setup, zoom, search, and save.

  1. Add/Update Equipment
  2. Add/Update Equipment service history
  3. Add/Update Groups
  4. Add/Update Categories
  5. Add/Update Fuel types
  6. Add/Update Users
  7. Add/Update Types
  8. Print equipment list
  9. Print equipment service log
  10. Print service report
  11. Print fuel logs
  12. Export all data to csv, pdf, excel, and more
  13. 27 themes to help you customize the user experience
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