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HS Writer is a full-featured text application with complex formatting and display capabilities for word documents and more.
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HS Writer is a full-featured text application with complex formatting and display capabilities for word documents and more.

  1. Supported Document types: Plain Text, RTF (Rich Text Format), DOCX (MS Office Word 2007-... format), DOC (MS Office Word 97-2003 format), WordML (MS Office Word 2003 XML format), OpenDocument (implemented by the OpenOffice.org office suite), HTML, MHTML (web page archive format), Electronic Publication (EPUB), and PDF (export only)
  2. All the basic functions of a word processor.

Document Elements

document created by HS Writer consists of elements visible to end users. They vary from the simplest objects forming the text, to more complex ones that can contain other elements. These are:

  • Paragraphs

    Portions of text organized by a specific collection of characters.

  • Fields

    Placeholders added to a document. Fields can be used to perform a variety of operations, including Table of Contents and Mail Merge.

  • Lists

    Linearly organized paragraphs. You can group any paragraph into a bulleted, numbered or multilevel list in code or with the UI.

  • Tables

    A paragraph formatted in aligned rows and columns. HS Writer supports complex tables. Tables can be added, deleted and modified in code or in the UI.

  • Pictures

    Pictures can be inserted within the text (the text wrapping is optional), behind or above it. HS Writer supports different image formats.

  • Shapes

    HS Writer supports all shape types: from simple lines and rectangles, to shapes with advanced effects. All shapes can be moved, resized and rotated.

  • Comments

    Notes with additional content. Comments can make a document more understandable.

  • Hyperlinks and Bookmarks

    Links to the specific place within a document (bookmarks), existing file or web page(hyperlinks).

  • Checkboxes

    Interactive form fields used to create fillable forms.


HS Writer is able to display documents in three different ways depending on the document View:

  • Similar to the 'Web Layout' view in Microsoft Word, the Simple View does not split the document into pages, so the document has no page width or height, margins, headers or footers. This View is most appropriate for editing simple texts.

  • Same as the Microsoft Word's 'Draft View', HS Writer Draft View displays documents as a single page without headers or footers, but applies the page width. This View can be used for text formatting.

  • The Print Layout View displays your documents in the same way they will appear on the printed page, with all their headers, footers, margins and columns. Use this View when you need to polish your document and prepare it for printing.

How to Download

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Version Info. and Requirements

  • Version:
  • Requirements:
    1. Windows 8 64bit and up
    2. .Net Frameworks 4.6.1
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