HS Password Inventory (Free)

HS Password Inventory stores all your user names and password in a encryption/password protected database to keep them safe from prying eyes.
Manufacturer: Henry's Software

You should never use the same password for all of your accounts if one web service gets hacked then all of your accounts could be at risk. HS Password Inventory allows you to have a different user name and password for each account then you only need to remember one to access them all.

You can open saved URL's, copy your user name to the clipboard, and copy your password to the clipboard, this makes it easy to login to you favorite website. HS Password Inventory uses your windows user account as the default user to make logging in simple. HS Password Inventory also includes a secure journal to store your private documents and personal thoughts.

  • Features:
    1. Store user names and passwords in a secure database
    2. Button to open URL to the account website and put user name on the clipboard
    3. Button to copy the user name to the clipboard
    4. Button to copy the password to the clipboard
    5. Button to generate a random password when add new accounts to HSPI
    6. Button to change HSPI password
    7. Button to Add, Edit, and Delete categories
    8. Backup and restore buttons
    9. HSPI login uses password hashing witch makes HSPI vary secure
    10. HSPI will clear the clipboard when closed
    11. Ability to export and import password protected HSPI files
  • Journal Features:
    1. Secure journal to store your private documents and personal thoughts
    2. Supported Document types: Plain Text, RTF (Rich Text Format), DOCX (MS Office Word 2007-... format), DOC (MS Office Word 97-2003 format), WordML (MS Office Word 2003 XML format), OpenDocument (implemented by the OpenOffice.org office suite), HTML, MHTML (web page archive format), Electronic Publication (EPUB), and PDF (export only)
    3. All the basic functions of a word processor.

Version Info. and Requirements

  • Version:
  • Added: Worning message when changing a current password
  • Requirements:
    1. Windows 8 64bit and up
    2. .Net Frameworks 4.6.1
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