HS-HASH is a data hashing class that uses a secure hash algorithm and returns the hashed value of the entered string.
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HS-HASH is a data hashing class that uses a secure hash algorithm and returns the hashed value of the entered string. For security reasons, you may want to store passwords in hashed form. This guards against the possibility that someone who gains unauthorized access to the database can retrieve the passwords of every user in the system. Hashing performs a one-way transformation on a password, turning the password into another String, called the hashed password. “One-way” means that it is practically impossible to go the other way - to turn the hashed password back into the original password.


  1. SHA1
  2. SHA256
  3. SHA384
  4. SHA512
  5. MD5 (Use MD5 only for compatibility with legacy applications and data).
  6. Generate a random cryptographic key using the RNGCryptoServiceProvider
  7. And more

Version: 1.0.5
.Net Standard 2.0

How to Download

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You can also download from https://www.nuget.org/packages/HS-HASH/1.0.5

How To:

//Hash Options:
// string hash = Hash1.Get_HashAlgorithm_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text);
// string hash = Hash1.Get_MD5_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text);
// string hash = Hash1.Get_SHA1_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text);
// string hash = Hash1.Get_SHA256_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text);
// string hash = Hash1.Get_SHA384_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text);
// string hash = Hash1.Get_SHA512_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text);

string hash = Hash1.Get_SHA512_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text);
tbHash.Text = hash;

//Verify hash options:
// Hash1.Verify_HashAlgorithm_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text, tbHash.Text)
// Hash1.Verify_MD5_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text, tbHash.Text)
// Hash1.Verify_SHA1_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text, tbHash.Text)
// Hash1.Verify_SHA256_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text, tbHash.Text)
// Hash1.Verify_SHA384_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text, tbHash.Text)
// Hash1.Verify_SHA512_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text, tbHash.Text)

if (Hash1.Verify_SHA512_Hash(tbStringToHash.Text, tbHash.Text) == true)
MessageBox.Show("Good password");
MessageBox.Show("Bad Password");

Download: How To Doc
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