HS Backup

HS Backup Creates a backup of the user profile for the currently logged in user in a destination of your choice, allowing you to keep profile data safe
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Every user that logs in to a computer has a custom user profile created in the "Users" folder. From the desktop's appearance to the installed applications, Windows can store different settings for all the user profiles, allowing everyone using the same PC to build a personalized working environment.

Migrating to another computer requires you not just to install Windows, but also take the time to customize the workspace once more. And it is well known that it takes a considerable amount of time to do so. Creating a backup of the user profile and moving it to the new workstation allows you to avoid such a tedious task.

Although the operating system comes with options that enable you to perform profile backup without using a third-party application, it's good that there are alternatives out there. HS Backup is one of them.

Can shut down the PC when done

HS Backup makes it possible for you to backup the profile data of the currently logged in user. Carrying out such a task requires nothing more than a one-window interface where the backup progress can be monitored. While the interface might seem a bit rudimentary to you, what's important is that HS Backup does its job as advertised.

To use HS Backup, you should start by setting the destination directory. HS Backup enables you to browse to any location on your computer, as well as portable drives or network folders. The backup can take more or less time, depending on the size of the user profile. On the bright side, HS Backup features an option that, when ticked, can send a shutdown signal to the PC once the backup is complete. In other words, you can leave HS Backup working to carry out its task during nighttime, for instance.

Backup your user profile

With a sole function and a plain interface, HS Backup is an application that does nothing more than create a copy of the currently logged user's profile to a destination of your choice. Moving the data to the new PC is completely up to you.

Backup FAQ

The first backup you run will take sum time to complete this also depends on the amount of files in your user profile. After the first backup has run each subsequent backup will run much faster because only new and updated files are backed up.

  • Here's sum of the folders that will get backed up.
    1. Desktop
    2. Documents
    3. Pictures
    4. Music
    5. Videos
    6. APP Data and more


"HS Backup" has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry-leading security solutions and found to be completely clean of adware/spyware components. 100% CLEAN Softpedia Award.

How to Download

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Version Info. and Requirements

  • Version:
  • Requirements:
    1. Windows 7 64bit and up
    2. .Net Frameworks 4.6


  • Last Updated: 3/25/2018
    1. You can now set/change the backup source allowing the user to backup any folder on the computer.
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